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It was exactly what I needed on a Wednesday.I'll probably be annoying my friends with random quotes from the book for a few weeks, at least. And you will call those days "weekdays."And on those hectic days it's important to occasionally stop, take a breath, and whip out your hind limb so you can lick yourself like you're made of ice cream down there. Whether you live with a cat, are considering adoption, or choose to believe that the canine is the more superior animal, this book has a little knowledge for everyone. And interspersed with pictures of actual cats this is a wonderful book for cat fans and collectors of cat books. I ended up rushing through it in hopes of finding some part that would appeal to me more but the only enjoyment I got out of it were the cute cat pictures. Indecision Shows that You're Thinking!You want to stay in. great book , it was very useful and I loved it. He, and it very likely was a he, basically chewed over repeatedly three small cat habits as if it was sage advice in different ways until all that was left was an incomprehensible hairball mess of words on the floor. Still very funny, very cat-like. Typical conman patter saying nothing while sounding like it will be something, only it wasn’t even the slightest bit charming. Each has lovely, cute photographs.and wonderful humor. The joke, though, doesn't quite fire off on all pistons. Only some of the things did I really find that funny. Network by Stepping on People's CrotchesNetworking isn't about making friends. I laughed out loud at "Take a moment to wonder why" and "Invest heavily in string." I also laughed at the rest, but those got me.

I have been told that when exhausted my sense of humor leaves something to be desired. By the way, I just love the fact it has been also labeled as a self-help book. Nothing seems to faze any of them. Many entries also have cute full-color photographs of cats. Therefore it's wise to keep a big distance but a close watch on others at all times, throwing off any suspicion of judgment with an expression of utter boredom that indicates you might yawn should they suddenly burst into flames. Luckily, there are some adorable images. And poetry! Oh, I must have this one. You can entertain numerous, often conflicting ideas at the same time because you're a thinker. Each has lovely, cute pho This book joins several other books by Francesco Marciuliano on my keeper shelf. this is from the same guy that gave us all those books where pets write poems: and those are cute and funny and all that, but this book doesn't have to be cute and funny. The writing felt very low effort and seemed to repeat itself often. One day they couldn't be happier to see you. Actually, I don't know many cats with careers but maybe that is all the more reason we should take their advice. I normally enjoy cat humour, however unfortunately this book just didn't do it for me. Whatever is made of glass. I love his collections of poetry by cats and dogs. He truly understands cats and their canine slaves. The writing is insightful and reads of Cat. Eliminate rivals." and one of my favorites, "Don't be nice to unpleasant people."All great advice from our cats.. I guess that's the point, but it's sometimes really inappropriate. So when I saw this book, I had to have it. I forgot about this author and his adorable and always entertaining books. You'll be surprised to find someone else living in the house. Loaded with lots of fun advice from kittys. But there are certainly some really funny entries in here, such as:"Being in a relationship means being in danger of having a conversation at any moment"More snarky winners like that could've made this really awesome. Easy way to get my goal met. They look great on display! And make for attractive little gifts for animal lovers. It's about attending meetings to discuss how much work needs to get done.

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. I sadly didn't enjoy this book at all. You want to put your foot in mayo. Quite a few times, Marciuliano is just pointing out things cats do, which aren't really applicable and not really that inherently funn It's a series of little maxims to live by, as described by a cat, or an asshole, or an asshole cat. I am not sure that is really what it turned out to be but as a cat owner it was hysterically accurate caricature of cat behavior. it does have great advices for different life majors like relationships, career and loving yourself, really great advices with a lot of humour flavour in it because, well it's from a cat's perspective. The next day they're screaming at you while surrounded by the shredded remains of what they keep calling "My birth certificate! My only birth certificate!"In other words, you never know where you may stand with anyone. Cats are very picky and this just shows why they want to wake you up in the morning and stuff. Thoroughly.Some days you will run and run and run and run and run and run and run in circles and just stop, never knowing what the hell all that running was about. Nüüd annavad mõned üksikud laenufirmad laenu krediidikonto näol, võimaldades olemasoleval kliendil hiljem lisalaenu taotleda sõnumi teel. That being said, I think the purpose of the book was suppose to be advice from cats to humans.

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. Also a great book for a coffee table for others who visit you to thumb through. Uplifting during a hard couple of weeks. I laughed out loud numerous times, especially at the "advice" about how to behave in the workplace. After all, we all have to make our own fun.but the most important lesson here is perception and presentation - it's all about the words you use to frame your own narrative. I will be donating this book and getting it off my very full bookshelves. this is from the same guy that gave us all those books where pets write poems: I Could Chew on This: And Other Be adorable and be in charge. This one is not poetry like the others, but still amazing. You Need More Sleep made me smile and even chuckle so many times! Each little snippet of advice has a bold headline and then a couple paragraphs of pithy feline advice on that subject. They rule our world for a reason. Quite a few times, Marciuliano is just pointing out things cats do, which aren't really applicable and not really that inherently funny. Põhiline on see, et inimesel oleks töökoht ja ametlik sissetulekuallikas, mida vajadusel saaks võlausaldajale ette näidata (koto väljavõtte vormis). But I quite enjoyed it and do heartily recommend it for cat fans. Maintain a Schedule Inconsistent with Everyone Else'sAnyone who's ever worked in an office can tell you that business isn't about getting work done. That puts all the power with the other person, allowing them to demand something in return, like an indication of gratitude. But this just got boring when page after page was about how self-absorbed cats are. With everything going on in the world right now, I prize anything that can bring a smile and a laugh. And they are four of the most chill beings that I have ever encountered. In addition to ruling the Internet, they rule our homes and none of them look like they are working too hard. In between, do whatever you feel like, remembering to blame any mess on whichever employee brought their dog to work that one day. There are things that this book suggests that cats do that human beings should NEVER EVER EVER do. That is not to say it is a bad book and you shouldn't buy it. But it turned out to be a very dull and boring speech for too many pages. Never let anyone rub you the wrong way, especially from butt to head. The only off note was the career advice which didn't quite fit with cats at some points